SolKonnect™ provides a powerful Project Management and Data Exchange platform for residential solar installers


SolKonnect™ is a cloud based subscription service portal for Solar Installers to speed up Solar Installations. It's scalable & collaborative platform allows Installers, AHJs and Utility Providers to work together, and help streamline the Solar Permit and PTO processes.

For Solar Installers, it addresses various permitting needs via a seamless and streamlined process that automatically detects applicable Jurisdictions, AHJs, Utilities. Upload paperwork & submit applications, track progress, and coordinate with AHJs & Utilities via clean, intuitive user experience accessible from mobile devices or the online Portal.

AHJs can Interactively (where AHJs accept and process electronically) engage with each Installer for each site to publish process information, changes and updates, accept application form submissions, manage document collaterals and track progress in an easy, intuitive & visually powerful interface.

Utility Providers can accept applications, communicate status information, and keep customers updated on the progress. Use powerful Dashboards to view the Installed solar capacity.

Launching soon, contact for a Demo

One Stop Shop

One Stop shop for all your permitting needs including Permit application, Document submission, Building and Utility inspections, and Permit approvals.

Electronic Submissions

Submit all documents electronically, retrieve from document repository, reduce paper and help environment.

Smart Packaging

Our proprietary application logic determines all necessary document requirements as per applicable Jurisdiction, and packages them together for quick submission


Reminders and Notifications are built-in, allowing you to stay up-to-date with latest progress on your application.

Cloud Platform

Our Platform is cloud based, allowing you to access your projects from anywhere in the world, and from any device or computer.


Intelligent Dashboards and analytics to get key information on all your projects that allows drilling down to details as needed.