We provide IT Solutions and Platforms for the world where sustainability is the focus.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is necessity for the growth of the business where increasingly people are digitally connected and share information through social networks, real time location based apps, and live videos. A business needs to embrace digital technologies to service these digitally connected customers to fuel the business growth.

Businesses are, rethinking what customers value most and creating operating models that take advantage of what’s newly possible for competitive differentiation. The challenge for business is how fast and how far to go on the path to digital transformation.

SolKonnect Business Analysts & Architects steps in here and get into the details of your business and provide you an balanced strategy for your digital transformation aligning your business goals. We provide a roadmap which accelerates your go to market solutions, provides quick wins and sustained path for transformation.

We have teams with a collective experience of 30+ years in digital transformation solutions.

Our implementation teams have expertise in cloud, social, mobile, process automation and advanced analytics which are the key elements for digital transformation.

Our Agile delivery process focuses on closely working with business stakeholders in aligning technology change with their strategic business goals.



Our teams have great experience in NetSuite, Salesforce and Suite CRM implementation & maintenance. We provide services for:


  • Discovery & Business Process Analysis
  • System Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Custom Coding & Scripts

Design & Integration:

  • Integration with other business systems
  • E commerce Integration
  • Indirect Tax solution Integration
  • Custom Solution Design


  • Ongoing Day-To-Day support & trouble shooting
  • New Release Support
  • Import & Export of Business Data
  • User/Role Management
  • SOX & Change Control Management


Cloud Services

The term cloud services refer to a wide range of services delivered on demand to companies and customers over the internet. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, databases, networking, software, storage and analytics—over the Internet to facilitate faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. Companies pay only for cloud services they use, helping lower operating costs.

We design the complete infrastructure, which includes servers, databases, storage, networking and software to enable faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

SolKonnect, infrastructure team optimizes the type of cloud (public, private or hybrid), solution and service provider based on your current applications, Platforms, services and business goals. We make sure that your systems work with highest reliability, availability and you pay only for the services you need. We also help to manage your infrastructure, by providing monitoring services, availability of servers based on the demand and optimize the costs by utilizing cloud services as needed by the business.

Our Engineers are certified in cloud technologies from major services providers - AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

We build, deploy, and scale applications—web and mobile by taking the advantage of cloud-native technologies and approaches, such as containers, Kubernetes, microservices architecture, API-driven communication, and DevOps.


BI and Analytics

Using business intelligence and analytics effectively is the crucial difference between companies that succeed and companies that fail in the modern environment. Things are changing and becoming more competitive in every sector of business, and the benefits of business intelligence and a proper use of data analytics is key to outperform competition.

Our Services in this area include

  • Preparing strategy for your business scenarios, market trends and unique features of the industry and in particular your business. Strategy includes data requirements, extraction of data, data cleansing, data security and intelligence and insights required.
  • Implement a near real-time data pipeline to provide a personalized engagement experience to customer
  • Be able to ingest data in real-time & batch to provide personalized customer offers
  • Be able to action events based on incoming data to help to improve revenue or generate customer thrill or detect customer dissatisfaction


Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows businesses to automate routine tasks that are mostly structured, rigid, and tedious to do, particularly those involving manual repetition interacting with digital systems

Across all industries, companies seeking to boost efficiency, productivity and employee engagement stand to benefit from RPA.

There is also a significant benefit for the customer experience. As companies implement more advanced IT infrastructures and pursue digital transformation, RPA can also help them scale up and down more effectively. By integrating machine-learning capabilities, the RPA solution can actually take on more complex tasks over time, resulting in accelerated innovation.

RPA also helps to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency.

Robotic process automation (RPA) can help your business be more efficient, agile, and profitable. It can make customers’ experiences richer by letting you serve them quickly, flexibly, and responsively. And put more joy in each employee's workday by taking repetitive routine out of it.

RPA technology is already transforming businesses of all kinds as companies around the world become convinced of automation’s power and make it central to their strategies. They’ve embarked on their automation journey. And now it’s your time. .

Our RPA services include;

  • Digital automation consulting for applications and business services
  • Identifying and implementing best practices for process automation.
  • Process automation implementation - using leading RPA tools like UIPath and Automation Anywhere


Web & Mobile Apps

To provide seamless user experience on web and mobile we design elegant and responsive websites and mobile apps and integrated them with backend systems like CRMs, ERP, eCommerce systems or customs built inhouse applications.

We have experienced UI/UX designers and mobile applications developers. We design creative mobile applications to take your business to the next level. We develop apps on Android and iOS platforms.