Explore and be discovered

Connect with the right people to grow your business, and discover companies who can be the perfect fit for your unique business needs

Explore & be discovered

FirstKonnect™ helps you get discovered and connected to the decision makers in your target Companies or target Markets in shortest time, so that you can grow and expand at your desired pace.

Our platform greatly simplifies the process (patent pending) of finding the right person to talk to for your target company or market, and opens up the door for a conversation with them. Our dedicated advisors take the most stressful part of your selling process and makes that first conversation easy and lightning fast.

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Business Development

Our expert advisors will help you identify Business Development opportunities in your current business plan, commercialize your concepts, scale up your business and grow your bottom line on your schedule and at your pace.

Strategic Business Advice

Our network of seasoned industry veterans can guide you on your growth strategy and key business decisions.

Expand into New Markets

Our expert advisors can help you pinpoint the most viable markets for your business and explore opportunities in depth. We put you in touch with the local partners, collaborators and distributors and help you navigate local rules and regulations.

Finding an Investor

Our network helps you locate hundreds of funding and finance opportunities available for your business. We can advise you on the best ways to secure funding from angel & equity investments.

Form Partnership

Our expert advisors have in depth industry knowledge to introduce you to the right people to commercialize your ideas, form successful partnerships and grow in new markets.

Mergers and acquisitions

Our network helps you research potential merger opportunities and acquire new businesses or Platforms that augment your market dominance.